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Vans For Sale ads – How to avoid getting stung!

If you’re in the market for a new van, there’s no shortage of vans for sale ads – but how do avoid getting stung and get the right van for you? Here’s our top tips.

Vans for sale

If you’re in the market for new vans for sale, there’s a mind-boggling array of choice out there. With an abundance of ads online and offline, along with dedicated dealer websites and trade magazines, finding vans for sale isn’t a problem.

However, ending up with a new van that isn’t up to the task at hand or that doesn’t match the description is a worry for many. So, how can you avoid getting stung financially or ending up with a complete donkey for a vehicle?

Here’s our top tips to implement, whilst you’re perusing those new vans for sale ads!

#1: Buy a little bigger than you need

When you’re shopping for a new van, you’re looking for something that will serve your business for several years. Buying something that suits your business now, will give you no wiggle room for growth. It therefore pays to buy something a little bigger than you presently need.

#2: Size, reliability and running costs

When it comes to choosing a new van, something not all vans for sale ads will divulge, the stats that are relevant for you and your business. You need to know what size van you need, as well as what type of driving you’ll be doing. These’ll help you narrow down your engine size and the type of van you get – if you’re doing a lot of city driving, for example, fuel consumption is important as you’ll want to keep those running costs down. However, an automatic van may be a great choice too, as it may help ease driver stress, whereas a powerful 4-wheel van would be needed, if you’re doing a lot of off-road or hill driving.

#3: Consider going green

The sale and subsequent use of eco-friendly vans is only going to increase. With tighter emission regulations and a need to reduce waste and increase recyclable materials, it’s a sensible move to get in act. Not only will it help you decrease fuel costs, if you do a lot of city driving, you’ll save on congestion charges too.

#4: Something vans for sale ads can’t help you with – do you like the van?

Something an ad can’t help you with, is how the van looks and feels to you. This is why it’s so important to narrow down your selections using the tips above – and then book in to visit your shortlisted vans. Yes, a test drive is essential, regardless of whether you’re buying a used or new van, but it’s also about how the van looks and feels to you.

We’re all unique in our requirements and preferences and your new commercial van will become part of your overall business branding. It needs to sum up your company, its ethics and mission. However, it’s also something you need to be comfortable driving and happy to be seen in! As you work for yourself, no one is going to give you brownie points for driving something that you can’t stand. Not only will you hate driving it, your stress levels will increase, and you’ll treat it with the contempt you feel it deserves. Do yourself a favour – and get a van you like!

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