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The versatility of a Dropside Van

The versatility of a Dropside VanPick-up trucks are popular with many different tradesmen however, it’s the Dropside that offers maximum versatility. Whereas the Pick-up only has a rear opening panel, a Dropside will have side and rear opening panels – giving you easier access. Many Dropside cans are also based on a Platform cab, giving them a lower load height, designed to make for easier loading. And, with Single and Crew cab options available, they provide comprehensive solutions, no matter what type of business you have.

Here’s our shortlist of the most popular Dropside vans, available to purchase or lease.

Citroen Relay Dropside van

The Citroen Relay Dropside van is a ready-to-run specialist conversion, built on a light chassis. It has the same cabin as the panel van, making this both a comfortable [...]

Choosing a Dropside Van

A dropside van is the perfect vehicle for builders and landscape gardeners. Not only do they allow for the transportation of heavy or awkward materials, they also make it easy to load and unload them. However, as with any van selection, choosing a dropside van isn’t always easy, especially when it’s for commercial use. You can’t just narrow down your selection to what one you prefer the look off, as you need to factor in the functionality and practicality too.

Factors to consider when choosing a dropside van: Know your limits

Many commercial van providers cater for the standard van driver, who has a standard car driving licence. However, your licence plays an important part in your overall choice, as if you passed your test before 1st January 1997, the chances [...]

Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?

For many labour, trade and delivery-based business, a commercial van is a must. If you’re looking for a cheap van, leasing is a viable option – here’s why.
Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?

Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?
For many labour, trade and delivery-based businesses, the use of a commercial van is essential. Without their own vehicle, many tradespeople would have no business. However, for many, the expense of getting that vehicle can prevent them from starting a business at all. If you’re looking for a cheap van leasing is a viable option. It saves you having to find a large chunk of cash and it allows you to get mobile, faster.

But is it a viable option for you and how cheap is van leasing exactly?

In simple terms, van leasing is where you pay an initial deposit, followed by a fixed number of set payments, over a period of months. At the end of the period, you can pay [...]

van on road

Automatic vans are on the rise, as more people are seeing the benefits of them. With Ford launching new automatic options for their ever-popular Transit and Transit Custom models in 2016, most commercial van manufacturers are now producing automatic versions of their manual vans. But which is best for your needs?

When it comes to making the choice between manual and automatic, it really does come down to driver preference. However, there are options to consider, as detailed below.

Type of driving and overall driver comfort

If you’re looking to do a lot of city driving, an automatic may be a better option for you. The problem with all those stop-starts is your legs can really start to feel it, due to the constant clutch depressions! Having an automatic model gives your calf muscle a well-deserved rest [...]

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