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Last year, Ford revealed the Fiesta Van at The Commercial Vehicle Show, dressed to impress in an ST-Line inspired trim. Here’s what the Sport Van has to offer.

Fiesta Sport Van

Starting at the back, the Fiesta loses the rear seats to create one cubic metre of loading space, able to carry a maximum of 500kg – only 160kg less than the Transit Courier’s capacity. It also comes with Ford’s Live Traffic system, providing the driver with real-time traffic information.

The ultimate selling point for the Sport Van is the sportier handling and styling. ST-Line features bring sportier bumpers, a rear spoiler and 18” alloys for an aggressive style. Inside, sports seats are standard, as well as a host of technology to make any commute simple and comfortable.

Long motorway drives are made easy with Adaptive Cruise [...]

Mercedes-Benz Vans have found that, according to a survey of van drivers, dogs have a positive impact on their daily life.

200,000 van drivers have a canine companion along for the ride on any given day, according to Mercedes-Benz Vans. Of these, 52% feel happier and 45% feel more relaxed when their bring their four-legged friend along.

20% of 2,000 van drivers studied feel that having their dog with them has a positive impact on their mental health, too. The average 17 hours spent alone in the vehicle – or 20 hours for more than a third of drivers – is made much less dull with a canine partner around.

Having a dog ride along can also be good for business too – 53% say that their furry friend has [...]

Driving Laws 2018

Driving Laws 2018As reported in the media recently, there are several driving law changes that you need to be aware of in 2018. Here’s a lowdown on what these changes are and how they affect you.

New driving test changes

Although these changes won’t directly affect you, it does mean you need to know about them, as some will have an impact on the roads you’re using. How? Well the biggest change is learner drivers will be allowed to drive on the motorway, provided they’re accompanied by an approved instructor – and driving a car fitted with dual controls.

Other changes to the driving test will see an end to reversing around a corner and turning-in-the-road, as these will be replaced with reversing into a parking space. Candidates will also have to follow [...]

Choosing a Dropside Van

A dropside van is the perfect vehicle for builders and landscape gardeners. Not only do they allow for the transportation of heavy or awkward materials, they also make it easy to load and unload them. However, as with any van selection, choosing a dropside van isn’t always easy, especially when it’s for commercial use. You can’t just narrow down your selection to what one you prefer the look off, as you need to factor in the functionality and practicality too.

Factors to consider when choosing a dropside van: Know your limits

Many commercial van providers cater for the standard van driver, who has a standard car driving licence. However, your licence plays an important part in your overall choice, as if you passed your test before 1st January 1997, the chances [...]

Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?

For many labour, trade and delivery-based business, a commercial van is a must. If you’re looking for a cheap van, leasing is a viable option – here’s why.
Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?

Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?
For many labour, trade and delivery-based businesses, the use of a commercial van is essential. Without their own vehicle, many tradespeople would have no business. However, for many, the expense of getting that vehicle can prevent them from starting a business at all. If you’re looking for a cheap van leasing is a viable option. It saves you having to find a large chunk of cash and it allows you to get mobile, faster.

But is it a viable option for you and how cheap is van leasing exactly?

In simple terms, van leasing is where you pay an initial deposit, followed by a fixed number of set payments, over a period of months. At the end of the period, you can pay [...]

New vans and the Peugeot Expert - from Totally Vans

As you know, the team at Totally Vans love new vans and getting you the best lease deals and amazing prices on vans for sale. As a reputable van dealer, we can advise on the new vans that would suit your business. One of our favourites is the Peugeot Expert – in 2016 Peugeot gave their Expert van range an overhaul, involving a new platform and better appearance, whilst a range of additional safety options were added to the equipment list.

Take a look at why we all love the newly beefed-up Peugeot Expert van:


  1. It feels distinctly car-like: It’s great for van drivers who want to feel like they’re driving a car – unlike many other medium-sized vans.
  2. Revised power steering: The new vans in the Peugeot Expert range have revised power steering – [...]

Van maintenance this winter - Totally Vans

As we’re only a month away from winter, we figured it would be a good idea to give you a winter driving recap. Why? Because it’s easy to get complacent during the summer months and that can leave us unprepared for the colder seasons. With the majority of winter accidents being caused by icy roads and low visibility, it pays to know in advance, what you need to do, to minimise your risks and protect yourself, your van and your business. Van maintenance this winter and driving preparation really comes down to three main areas – maintain, protect and prepare. Here’s an overview of each.

Van maintenance this winter

It goes without saying really, your van should always be well maintained. However, there are specific things you need to keep an eye on during winter, as the cold weather has [...]


The WhatVan? Awards are renowned as the most prestigious independent endorsements of excellence in the light commercial vehicle industry.
In 2016 the most influential title in the sector rubber stamps the outstanding performers in 13 crucial light commercial van sectors as well as revealing the top dog – the winner of the prestigious WhatVan? 2016 LCV of the Year.
The WhatVan? Hall of Fame has opened it’s doors for the third time to usher in two more deserving entrants who have made exemplary contributions to the light commercial vehicle industry in the UK.

The 2016 WhatVan? Awards are as follows:

  • LCV Of The Year: Mitsubishi L200
  • Small Van: Ford Transit Courier
  • Light Van: Fiat Doblo Cargo
  • [...]

Dash cam
If you spend a lot of time on the road, you’re more likely to be involved in a traffic accident or insurance claim – it’s the law of averages. This isn’t about you being a bad driver, it’s simply because you’re on the road for longer periods of time than other drivers. Add in the fact that fraudulent insurance claims and ‘cash for crash’ fraudsters are on the increase, you’ll want to protect yourself and your no claims bonus! That’s why it’s a good idea for van drivers to invest in a dash cam.

How dash cams can be a worthwhile investment

Dash cam sales have surged in the last 4 years – and is it any wonder? Settling an insurance dispute or claim can cost you a lot, [...]

Tired DrivingAccording to Government reports, it’s estimated that 20% of all accidents on major roads are as a direct result of driver tiredness. When you add in the fact that 40% of those accidents involve commercial drivers, it’s something that commercial van drivers need to take notice off. 

The most common times for sleep-related accidents is early morning and after lunch. Interestingly, males under the age of 30 tend to be most affected, possibly because they overestimate how capable and ‘with it’ they are. When it comes to the after-lunch slump however, it’s the older men that are more affected! 

If you want to help prevent driver fatigue, here’s some tips to remember. 

Plan Your Driving Day

Pre-planning your day can help ensure you’re taking the risks into account and scheduling in regular breaks. If [...]

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