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Nissan eNV200

Nissan e-NV200 (Electric Van) Van


The first 100% electric commercial van, Nissan’s e-NV200 produces 107bhp and is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries which are more than 95% recyclable. At first glance, one would think why pay so much more for an electric van when the diesel version is so much cheaper. But look beyond the initial price tag and you’ll soon discover the savings made in the running cost of this electric van could almost pay for the van itself!
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Nissan calculate that when compared to the running cost of the diesel NV200 over a four year period, you can save around £4,000 in fuel, £575 in servicing and £900 in road tax (totalling £5475) …..and it doesn’t necessarily stop there. If you travel in to central London every day, you would save another £11,000 (well just under) in Congestion Charge…That’s almost £16,500 over the four years. Now does it make sense? OK it won’t work for everyone but even without the congestion bit with the other savings, you are not far off the price of a diesel NV200 and you’re doing your bit for the planet.
What about the range I hear you ask? The e-NV200 will cover 106 miles on a full charge, dropping to 70 miles when fully laden or in very cold conditions. That may not be enough for some van users but Nissan estimate that around a third of vans on the road never do more than 80 miles in a day. The e-NV200 will charge in 10 hours on normal charge or 4 hours if you have the PLUS version, however opt for the RAPID models and you will get an 80% charge in 30 minutes which is great for most town drivers.
And where do I charge it when I’m not at home or at work? There are currently over 5500 charging points in the UK with 230 of them being the ‘RAPID’ type and these are due to continue increasing.
In terms of usability and practicality as a van the e-NV200 has exactly the same cargo and payload capacity as its diesel engine counterpart – 4.2m3 and 770kg max with a load length of 4.56m.
The e-NV200 comes in three trim levels: Acenta, Acenta Rapid, and Tekna Rapid, where ‘Rapid’ denotes the addition of the 30 minute charging capability, but even the entry level Acenta is generously equipped including electric windows, a rear view camera, Bluetooth, and with the Rapid you also get air conditioning. The top end model comes with Nissan’s CARWINGS service, which among other things allows remote access to remaining battery charge from a smartphone or computer.
We like the NV200 and we really like the e-NV200’s ‘Green’ credentials and potential money saving running cost…Green & Lean…perfect!
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