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Dash cam
If you spend a lot of time on the road, you’re more likely to be involved in a traffic accident or insurance claim – it’s the law of averages. This isn’t about you being a bad driver, it’s simply because you’re on the road for longer periods of time than other drivers. Add in the fact that fraudulent insurance claims and ‘cash for crash’ fraudsters are on the increase, you’ll want to protect yourself and your no claims bonus! That’s why it’s a good idea for van drivers to invest in a dash cam.

How dash cams can be a worthwhile investment

Dash cam sales have surged in the last 4 years – and is it any wonder? Settling an insurance dispute or claim can cost you a lot, [...]


Prior to vans having power steering and turbo diesels, the change from car driving to that of vans, was considered quite a jump. However, most modern vans are now built with similar, and sometimes better, options than those of their car counterparts.

However, this are some things you still need to consider, when making the switch – and here are the main ones to remember.

Rear view limitations

Many vans, do not have a rear-view mirror, initially leaving the typical car driver feeling a bit lost. However, you do have huge wing mirrors and a higher seating position, meaning you can actually see a lot more or the road, than you would from your car. Depending on the options your van has, you may also have a reversing camera and/or parking sensors, to help [...]

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