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Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?

For many labour, trade and delivery-based business, a commercial van is a must. If you’re looking for a cheap van, leasing is a viable option – here’s why.
Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?

Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?
For many labour, trade and delivery-based businesses, the use of a commercial van is essential. Without their own vehicle, many tradespeople would have no business. However, for many, the expense of getting that vehicle can prevent them from starting a business at all. If you’re looking for a cheap van leasing is a viable option. It saves you having to find a large chunk of cash and it allows you to get mobile, faster.

But is it a viable option for you and how cheap is van leasing exactly?

In simple terms, van leasing is where you pay an initial deposit, followed by a fixed number of set payments, over a period of months. At the end of the period, you can pay [...]

Van LeasingMany business owners will, at some stage, want to change their company vehicles. This inevitably leads them to wonder what’s the best option for their business – leasing or buying? Traditionally, buying a vehicle was seen as a sounder business decision, since you own it outright and have no ongoing costs (other than your tax and insurance etc).
However, with an influx of small to medium-sized business joining the commercial market, things are changing and opinion has swung into the opposite direction. For many, the idea of leasing their next commercial vehicle is now considered to be the smarter choice.

Leasing – you don’t own it, you rent it

What was once considered to be the biggest downsides to leasing, is now seen as a major benefit. Yes, you don’t own [...]

Navarra Blog HeaderNissan have spent the last 80 years building pickup trucks, and it shows with the latest Navara model range. The steering is responsive, making it easy to corner and control at speed and the material and quality of the Navara are first class.

Here’s our ten reasons why we think you’d love the Nissan Navara.


The Nissan Navara achieved a 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety test, impressive safety features such as Forward Emergency Breaking system and two ISOFIX child seat mounts. All models also come with 7 airbags as standard and LED daytime running lights.


The driver’s seat is both leather and powered. The ride itself is comfortable, as the Nissan Navara is fitted with multi-link rear suspension, to minimise bounce and offer a more comfortable ride. The Double [...]

Pickup Blog
The pickup truck market is going through a bit of a boom at the minute – and is it any wonder! More savvy business owners are embracing the versatility of the pickup and, with motor companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Fiat, Nissan, Isuzu and Ford all creating some great vehicles, there’s plenty of choice in the 1 tonne mid-sized pickup market.

But what are the benefits of having a pickup as your next new business vehicle?

The ultimate dual purpose vehicle

There’s no doubt about it, the 5 seater, double cab varieties are winning in the popularity stakes. They give the ultimate in flexibility – a sturdy work vehicle for during the working week and a useful and comfortable family car for the weekend – ruling out the expense of investing in [...]

Is bigger necessarily better – when it comes to choosing your next van?

Buying the biggest van you can afford may not be the smartest option

Totally Vans Blog Van LargeDeciding what sized van to buy for your next commercial vehicle, can be a big decision to make. With a staggering array of choice and size available, it can be a potential minefield and often, it’s easier to just opt for the biggest one you can afford. But is bigger necessarily better, when it comes to choosing your next van?

Now and in the future…

One of the biggest factors you need to consider when selecting a van, is the size of load you’ll be carrying on a regular basis. However, it’s not just what that load size is now – you also need to take into account your future needs too. When your business has grown, will your new van still fulfil your requirements?

You don’t want to [...]

10 REasons Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes understand that any business looking for a work van, will have a host of day-to-day challenges in an average working day. This is why the Sprinter panel van comes with a variety of options and additional extras. Mercedes offers ergonomic driver comfort – right from the steering wheel, through to the seat and cabin generally – as well as aesthetically, with a high quality, well thought out interior.

#1: Presence and image

When it comes to presence and image appeal, the three-pointed star badge really does have the edge. It’s instantly recognisable and it portrays class and discernment.

#2: It has a host of additional options available

The Mercedes Sprinter van comes with a host of option extras, designed to make your life easier and your journey safer. There’s everything from arm rests, luxury seats, navigation [...]

TV 10 Reasons Citroen BerlingoCitroen has created a fusion of comfort and practicality, with commercial van such as the Berlingo, and this is why every 1 in 7 Citroen products sold, is in fact, a commercial vehicle. They offer high comfort and space, combined with value and economy. We’ve therefore compiled a list of 10 reasons why we love the Berlingo – and you will too!

Number 1: Impressive Fuel Efficiency

The Citroen Berlingo van come with a choice of diesel or petrol engines – with the diesel BlueHDi 100 S&S ETG6 achieving up to 68.9mpg. The latest BlueHDi engines also meet Euro 6 Standard.

Number 2: Light steering an a tight turning circle

Citroen appreciate you’ll potentially be driving for long periods of time and in different locations, so they’ve made steering the Berlingo both [...]

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