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How to prove that you’re a safe commercial van driver

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Building up your No Claims Bonus is a sure-fire way to lower your insurance premiums – but it isn’t the only way. Many insurance companies are prepared to lower your insurance premiums, if you can prove you’re a safe van driver. Of course, you should always drive safely, but it doesn’t hurt to use one of the following methods to prove that this is the case.

Telematics devices (also known as a black box)

A black box is a small device that’s fitted to your van, that sends data back to your insurance company. It records information about your driving style, including how hard you break, how you handle cornering and whether you have a heavy right foot. This information is then used to calculate your premiums every three months, based on how well you drive.

In-Vehicle Camera

You can also get the information on your mobile phone via an app, so you can educate yourself on driving better.

There are millions of dashcams now in cars, all over the country – and with good reason. Not only can they help protect you against fraudulent claims, the footage they record can also provide valuable evidence to the police, should the need arise.

Dashcam footage has now been used to provide evidence to put away dangerous and reckless drivers and, as so many cars now have dashcams – they help deter it too.

Advanced driving courses

Advanced driving courses not only help you become a better, safer driver, they can improve your confidence and may even lower your van insurance too. Popular courses include Pass Plus and IAM driving courses – and priced at £150-£200 on average, they’re a good investment to make.

How’s my driving stickers

Carrying a ‘How’s my driving?’ sticker demonstrates your company’s commitment to road safety, as well as your occupational road risks. This simple, yet effective, yellow sticker is a visual reminder to all drivers to focus on the road. If you’re registered in such a scheme, you can also get valuable data back, enabling you to identify areas of concern and improvement.

Before you decide which of the above methods you’d like to use, to prove you’re a safe driver, speak to your insurance company. Not all insurance companies discount safer drivers who use the above equipment, and many of them will have a preference – they may even provide it for you too – so give them a call, before making any decisions.

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