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Ford PHEV – plug-in hybrid Custom Transit van on trial

PHEVWith a commitment to reducing local emission, Ford are launching a multi-million-pound project to boost productivity for urban drivers, whilst helping support London’s cleaner air targets.  With 280,000 commercial vehicle journeys in London per day, it’s understandable that the project is supported by both Transport for London, as well as a £4.7m grant from the UK Government-funded Advance Propulsion Centre.

The project itself, consists of a 12-month trial of 20 new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Transit Custom Vans that will be provided to a cross-section of commercial fleet operators across the City. Fleet operators chosen include the Transport for London fleet – who’ll have three vans for freight duties, as well as the Metropolitan Police – who’ll have two vans; one unmarked van for forensic support and a second one for traffic accident second response.

The PHEV Custom Transit

The PHEV Custom Transit van runs solely on electric power for most city trips. Equipped with range extenders, the fleet isn’t limited by battery range, making longer journeys more practical and achievable. Each vehicle will be fitted with a Ford telematics system, which will allow data relating to the vehicles’ operational, as well as its environmental and financial performance, to be monitored and recorded. This information will be used to understand how the benefits of electrical vehicles can be maximised.

Future plans for electric vans

As the number one commercial brand across Europe and with 50 years of commercial vehicle success, Ford have turned their attention to being at the forefront of green vehicles. They have plans in place to bring 13 new global electrified vehicles over the next 5 years – including the latest PHEV Transit Custom van.
The London trials start in December 2017 and is part of a commitment to work with major cities around the world, to tackle transport issues, help move people and goods easier, whilst also encouraging the uptake of low emission commercial transport.

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