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Driving Laws 2018

Driving Laws 2018As reported in the media recently, there are several driving law changes that you need to be aware of in 2018. Here’s a lowdown on what these changes are and how they affect you.

New driving test changes

Although these changes won’t directly affect you, it does mean you need to know about them, as some will have an impact on the roads you’re using. How? Well the biggest change is learner drivers will be allowed to drive on the motorway, provided they’re accompanied by an approved instructor – and driving a car fitted with dual controls.

Other changes to the driving test will see an end to reversing around a corner and turning-in-the-road, as these will be replaced with reversing into a parking space. Candidates will also have to follow [...]

Driver Stress

Driver stress is something that affects everyone, regardless of whether they drive a car or a van. However, commercial vans account for a fifth of all traffic on the roads and, the longer you’re on the road, the more likely you are to witness road rage and driver stress. As stress, strain and fatigue are the three top problems commercial drivers face, it’s important that the take the reduction or minimisation of these things seriously.

Driving for a living isn’t always a smooth ride

Whether you’re a multi-drop delivery driver or a tradesman who spends a lot of time on the road, driving isn’t always a smooth ride. Sitting in one place for too long can lead to problems such as repetitive strain, lower back pain and a stiff neck, not [...]

Choosing a Dropside Van

A dropside van is the perfect vehicle for builders and landscape gardeners. Not only do they allow for the transportation of heavy or awkward materials, they also make it easy to load and unload them. However, as with any van selection, choosing a dropside van isn’t always easy, especially when it’s for commercial use. You can’t just narrow down your selection to what one you prefer the look off, as you need to factor in the functionality and practicality too.

Factors to consider when choosing a dropside van: Know your limits

Many commercial van providers cater for the standard van driver, who has a standard car driving licence. However, your licence plays an important part in your overall choice, as if you passed your test before 1st January 1997, the chances [...]

Vans For Sale ads – How to avoid getting stung!

If you’re in the market for a new van, there’s no shortage of vans for sale ads – but how do avoid getting stung and get the right van for you? Here’s our top tips.
Vans for sale

Vans for sale

If you’re in the market for new vans for sale, there’s a mind-boggling array of choice out there. With an abundance of ads online and offline, along with dedicated dealer websites and trade magazines, finding vans for sale isn’t a problem.

However, ending up with a new van that isn’t up to the task at hand or that doesn’t match the description is a worry for many. So, how can you avoid getting stung financially or ending up with a complete donkey for a vehicle?

Here’s our top tips to implement, whilst you’re perusing those new vans for sale ads!

#1: Buy a little bigger than you need

When you’re shopping for a new van, you’re looking for something that will serve your business for several years. Buying something that [...]

Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?

For many labour, trade and delivery-based business, a commercial van is a must. If you’re looking for a cheap van, leasing is a viable option – here’s why.
Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?

Is there such a thing as cheap Van Leasing?
For many labour, trade and delivery-based businesses, the use of a commercial van is essential. Without their own vehicle, many tradespeople would have no business. However, for many, the expense of getting that vehicle can prevent them from starting a business at all. If you’re looking for a cheap van leasing is a viable option. It saves you having to find a large chunk of cash and it allows you to get mobile, faster.

But is it a viable option for you and how cheap is van leasing exactly?

In simple terms, van leasing is where you pay an initial deposit, followed by a fixed number of set payments, over a period of months. At the end of the period, you can pay [...]

Dash cam
If you spend a lot of time on the road, you’re more likely to be involved in a traffic accident or insurance claim – it’s the law of averages. This isn’t about you being a bad driver, it’s simply because you’re on the road for longer periods of time than other drivers. Add in the fact that fraudulent insurance claims and ‘cash for crash’ fraudsters are on the increase, you’ll want to protect yourself and your no claims bonus! That’s why it’s a good idea for van drivers to invest in a dash cam.

How dash cams can be a worthwhile investment

Dash cam sales have surged in the last 4 years – and is it any wonder? Settling an insurance dispute or claim can cost you a lot, [...]

Tired DrivingAccording to Government reports, it’s estimated that 20% of all accidents on major roads are as a direct result of driver tiredness. When you add in the fact that 40% of those accidents involve commercial drivers, it’s something that commercial van drivers need to take notice off. 

The most common times for sleep-related accidents is early morning and after lunch. Interestingly, males under the age of 30 tend to be most affected, possibly because they overestimate how capable and ‘with it’ they are. When it comes to the after-lunch slump however, it’s the older men that are more affected! 

If you want to help prevent driver fatigue, here’s some tips to remember. 

Plan Your Driving Day

Pre-planning your day can help ensure you’re taking the risks into account and scheduling in regular breaks. If [...]

CrashLorry and van drivers are, statistically speaking, some of the safest drivers on the road, being involved in the least amount of traffic accidents. According to the Department for Transport, motorcyclists and cyclists are the most vulnerable road users, but that doesn’t mean commercial vehicle drivers get off lightly.

Whether you’re a commercial van driver or a cyclist, there’s a lot we can all learn, about why traffic accidents happen. Knowing what are the main causes, can help us minimise the risk of being in a road accident ourselves, as well as helping to protect those around us – in terms of our passengers and other road users.

Driver error or reaction – the biggest cause of traffic accident

Driver error is by far the biggest cause of road traffic accidents on UK roads. This umbrella [...]

Yellow Vans
Building up your No Claims Bonus is a sure-fire way to lower your insurance premiums – but it isn’t the only way. Many insurance companies are prepared to lower your insurance premiums, if you can prove you’re a safe van driver. Of course, you should always drive safely, but it doesn’t hurt to use one of the following methods to prove that this is the case.

Telematics devices (also known as a black box)

A black box is a small device that’s fitted to your van, that sends data back to your insurance company. It records information about your driving style, including how hard you break, how you handle cornering and whether you have a heavy right foot. This information is then used to calculate your premiums every three months, based on how [...]

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