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CrashLorry and van drivers are, statistically speaking, some of the safest drivers on the road, being involved in the least amount of traffic accidents. According to the Department for Transport, motorcyclists and cyclists are the most vulnerable road users, but that doesn’t mean commercial vehicle drivers get off lightly.

Whether you’re a commercial van driver or a cyclist, there’s a lot we can all learn, about why traffic accidents happen. Knowing what are the main causes, can help us minimise the risk of being in a road accident ourselves, as well as helping to protect those around us – in terms of our passengers and other road users.

Driver error or reaction – the biggest cause of traffic accident

Driver error is by far the biggest cause of road traffic accidents on UK roads. This umbrella term covers [...]

Yellow Vans

Yellow Vans
Building up your No Claims Bonus is a sure-fire way to lower your insurance premiums – but it isn’t the only way. Many insurance companies are prepared to lower your insurance premiums, if you can prove you’re a safe van driver. Of course, you should always drive safely, but it doesn’t hurt to use one of the following methods to prove that this is the case.

Telematics devices (also known as a black box)

A black box is a small device that’s fitted to your van, that sends data back to your insurance company. It records information about your driving style, including how hard you break, how you handle cornering and whether you have a heavy right foot. This information is then used to calculate your premiums every three months, based on how well you [...]

Van Leasing

Van LeasingMany business owners will, at some stage, want to change their company vehicles. This inevitably leads them to wonder what’s the best option for their business – leasing or buying? Traditionally, buying a vehicle was seen as a sounder business decision, since you own it outright and have no ongoing costs (other than your tax and insurance etc).
However, with an influx of small to medium-sized business joining the commercial market, things are changing and opinion has swung into the opposite direction. For many, the idea of leasing their next commercial vehicle is now considered to be the smarter choice.

Leasing – you don’t own it, you rent it

What was once considered to be the biggest downsides to leasing, is now seen as a major benefit. Yes, you don’t own the vehicle [...]


PHEVWith a commitment to reducing local emission, Ford are launching a multi-million-pound project to boost productivity for urban drivers, whilst helping support London’s cleaner air targets.  With 280,000 commercial vehicle journeys in London per day, it’s understandable that the project is supported by both Transport for London, as well as a £4.7m grant from the UK Government-funded Advance Propulsion Centre.

The project itself, consists of a 12-month trial of 20 new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Transit Custom Vans that will be provided to a cross-section of commercial fleet operators across the City. Fleet operators chosen include the Transport for London fleet – who’ll have three vans for freight duties, as well as the Metropolitan Police – who’ll have two vans; one unmarked van for forensic support and a second one for traffic accident second response.

The [...]
van on road

van on road

Automatic vans are on the rise, as more people are seeing the benefits of them. With Ford launching new automatic options for their ever-popular Transit and Transit Custom models in 2016, most commercial van manufacturers are now producing automatic versions of their manual vans. But which is best for your needs?

When it comes to making the choice between manual and automatic, it really does come down to driver preference. However, there are options to consider, as detailed below.

Type of driving and overall driver comfort

If you’re looking to do a lot of city driving, an automatic may be a better option for you. The problem with all those stop-starts is your legs can really start to feel it, due to the constant clutch depressions! Having an automatic model gives your calf muscle a well-deserved rest and can [...]

Totally Vans Blog Van Signs

Totally Vans Blog Van SignsAdvertising can be extremely expensive for a small business, with many opting for paid options such as local magazines, newspapers and directories, and these are all advertising opportunities that can have a limited return on the financial investment. However, many commercial van drivers are missing out on prime, free advertising space – by not getting signs created for their van.

It’s understandable that not all businesses feel the need to advertise, especially if their customer base is that of other businesses, but if you’re a tradesperson who relies on continually attracting new customers – a sign-written van is a must. It not only makes the most of a free opportunity, it’s also a very effective platform to use.

According to a recent study, if you drive around a large town or city, your van [...]



Prior to vans having power steering and turbo diesels, the change from car driving to that of vans, was considered quite a jump. However, most modern vans are now built with similar, and sometimes better, options than those of their car counterparts.

However, this are some things you still need to consider, when making the switch – and here are the main ones to remember.

Rear view limitations

Many vans, do not have a rear-view mirror, initially leaving the typical car driver feeling a bit lost. However, you do have huge wing mirrors and a higher seating position, meaning you can actually see a lot more or the road, than you would from your car. Depending on the options your van has, you may also have a reversing camera and/or parking sensors, to help [...]

Kangoo Blog

Kangoo Blog

The onset of stricter emissions regulations, along with the desire to reduce pollution, it’s understandable that savvy business owners are looking for a greener solution to the vehicle requirements. Electric vehicles have been around since the early 20th Century, but they weren’t considered to be serious contenders, as their limitations far outreached their benefits.

However, all that has changed. As a result of major investment during the last several years, electric vehicles are now becoming a more desirable option – and Renault have now made going electric easy and affordable, for the standard business owner.

Renault Kangoo range options

The Renault Kangoo range has two electric options – the Z.E. and the Maxi Z.E. LL 21 i-Maxi Z.E. 44kW Auto, with crew bus option. Both models are 5 door automatic models, with two [...]

Navarra Blog HeaderNissan have spent the last 80 years building pickup trucks, and it shows with the latest Navara model range. The steering is responsive, making it easy to corner and control at speed and the material and quality of the Navara are first class.

Here’s our ten reasons why we think you’d love the Nissan Navara.


The Nissan Navara achieved a 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety test, impressive safety features such as Forward Emergency Breaking system and two ISOFIX child seat mounts. All models also come with 7 airbags as standard and LED daytime running lights.


The driver’s seat is both leather and powered. The ride itself is comfortable, as the Nissan Navara is fitted with multi-link rear suspension, to minimise bounce and offer a more comfortable ride. The Double [...]

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